About us

Building the first scalable zero-emission parcel delivery company.

Our Mission

Parcel delivery currently relies on fossil-fuel powered vans. Delivery vans heavily pollute the air we breathe, emit large amounts of CO₂ and congest our cities. At the same time, customer service is notoriously poor, unethical business practices are rampant in the industry and the technology is outdated.

For all of these reasons, we were convinced last-mile parcel delivery had to be reinvented. We redeveloped the process of getting a parcel from the warehouse to the front door from ground-up, drawing on powerful data analysis and cutting-edge software. We came up with a system that is better than the status quo in every way imaginable. More affordable, better all around and 100% emission free.

Our revolutionary approach has won the support and funding of Innovate UK (the UK government's innovation agency).

100% Emission Free

Aside from climate-change related environmental problems, traditional parcel delivery networks are also massively contributing to local air pollution. This air pollution is the root cause of a huge health crisis which causes up to 40,000 premature deaths per year in the UK (and up to 10,000 in London alone).

We cannot possibly rely on existing delivery methods to cope with the explosion in parcel volume as a result of the rise of e-commerce as this will cause devastating health and environmental consequences of enormous proportions.

Whilst many companies, both old and new, are trying to improve this, we are convinced the biggest problem no one else is really addressing is that good service and an affordable price point seems to be irreconcilable with eco-friendliness when it comes to parcel delivery. HIVED breaks this dilemma by building a scalable parcel delivery network that is zero-emission by default without compromising on affordability or convenience.


As a fast growing startup we are always looking for the best talent to join our mission. If you feel passionate about what we are doing and want to join us, let us know.

Send us an email to careers@hived.space.