Zero-Emission Parcel Delivery

Eco-friendly parcel delivery for everyone - reliable and convenient, without breaking the bank.


Parcel Delivery, Reinvented

Parcel delivery is broken: Harmful for people & environment, unethical and expensive. We fixed it. Zero-emission parcel delivery made for the 21st century using our cutting edge technology – Greener, Cheaper, Better. Proudly supported by Innovate UK.


Customer Feedback

“Our customers love Hived! One of the most reliable, fast and very efficient eco-friend delivery services around! Super generous customer service with the most competitive pricing! Highly recommend!”

Ejing Zhang

"We've worked with HIVED to deliver our parcels since Christmas and are very pleased with the service. All zero-emission and cheaper than all the other options - no brainer!"


“Excellent service, my customers have been super happy with the service!”

Chalk Jewellery

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