Frequently asked questions

How does HIVED work in general?

HIVED works similar in principle to traditional parcel delivery companies in that the customers pay a flat rate for a delivery based on the parcel size and individual circumstances (e.g. collection location, number of parcels). HIVED collects parcels from the sender at a convenient time and then delivers them according to the chosen delivery speed (Same-Day, Next-Day, Two-Day).

Is HIVED really 100% emission-free?

Yes! We only use bikes, cargo-bikes and electric vans (powered by only renewable electricity). We therefore don't need to offset any carbon emissions with hard to verify certificates.

Who can use HIVED?

HIVED is the right solution for businesses of all sizes, from small SMEs to big corporates. At the moment, we don't offer parcel deliveries for individuals. If your items are fragile, such as fresh cakes, ready-made bouquets or delicate glass, we might not be the right partner. Don't hesitate to contact our team via the chat bubble or at if you’re unsure.

Which types and sizes of parcels do HIVED deliver?

We can deliver all parcels up to 60cm x 60cm x 60cm and 20kg. We don't deliver fragile items (such as fresh cakes and ready-made bouquets). If you are unsure if your deliveries are suitable, please don't hesitate to contact our team via the chat bubble on our website or at

Who do my customers contact for delivery support?

We’re here to help and make it as easy as possible. If there are any questions about the delivery, please ask your customers to contact us via the chat bubble on our website or email us at

Does HIVED only deliver the last mile?

No, HIVED looks after the entire delivery journey from the warehouse/collection location to your customer's doorstep (including bulk collections). We will use our electric vans to collect regardless of volume, pallets, or distance.

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