Employee Spotlight: Jasmin Ghoul

We sat down with our amazing Head of People, Jasmin Ghoul, to hear more about the importance of people to any organisation, as well as her ethos behind the role and HIVED’s growth journey.

Romane Maire
March 20, 2024
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We sat down with our amazing Head of People, Jasmin Ghoul, to hear more about the importance of people to any organisation, as well as her ethos behind the role and HIVED’s growth journey. 

Question: To get things started, what’s it like being Head of People at HIVED? 

In a nutshell, my role as Head of People revolves around cultivating a thriving work culture where people feel empowered to innovate and contribute to our mission. I’m focused on fostering an environment where every team member feels valued, supported, and inspired to bring their best work and natural selves to HIVED every day. 

I have a lot of conversations with our team and something I hear commonly is the transformative power of our culture. HIVED isn’t just a workplace — it’s a sanctuary where authenticity reigns. This culture of openness and acceptance really is a strategic advantage: it fosters collaboration, sparks creativity, and drives performance for bottom line impact. I believe it’s one of the secret ingredients behind our 5-star customer reviews, because when employees feel empowered and engaged, it translates into exceptional customer experiences. Simply put, a happy team equals happy customers.

Question: You have such a clear passion for HIVED. I’m curious, going back to before you joined — what was it that made you want to join the HIVED team? 

I consider myself fortunate that Kim from HIVED investor Planet A reached out and introduced me to the opportunity: to lead the people function at an impact-based Series A startup. It aligned perfectly with what I was looking for in a role.

What ultimately convinced me to join HIVED, though, was the rare mix of grit and ambition with the integrity and people-centric mindset embodied by the co-founders, Murvah and Mathias. It’s a remarkable combination to find in founders. Moreover, the genuine interactions I had during my hiring process made me excited to work with everyone — I left every interview feeling exhilarated. 

With 11 years of work experience, from big corporate at Google to working with 100 startups and founders, I was also struck by HIVED’s commitment to disrupt the industry with sustainable solutions and a customer centric approach. Within their first 2 years, they managed to work with industry giants like ASOS and Zara which underlined their potential for growth, and I wanted to be a part of that journey. 

Question: Thinking back earlier in your career, what initially attracted you to the people function and what about it do you find most fulfilling? 

Growing up, I’ve always been deeply curious about human psychology and empowering people to be the best version of themselves. When I was at Google, I was in an acceleration team working with hundreds of founders and startups, and there was one thing that struck me: no matter how well their business was going, founders constantly felt overwhelmed. 

I got very curious about that phenomenon and completed a diploma in “Executive and High Performance” Coaching. That meant I would spend weekends on exams, writing papers, and getting coaching hours in. I got so passionate about it that I decided to leave Google and focus on it full-time. The idea of empowering people to look at where they are now, where they want to be, and how to bridge the gap was really interesting to me. And then particularly working with founders, the one thing that kept them awake at night was people: how do you find the right people and how do you keep them? 

Work is an important aspect of our lives and can be a source of fulfilment, growth and purpose. The people function is an excellent spot to be in a company as you get to work with everyone whilst also having to understand the business on a quite deep level.

Question: Do you have a current favourite people project or initiative close to your heart?

My current focus is on curating an exceptional team with the skills and expertise to build the sustainable logistics network of the 21st century. This included refining our hiring approach, where candidates undergo rigorous role-specific interviews and a comprehensive cultural fit assessment, all conducted by a diverse hiring committee. The results have been exceptional—an unprecedented 100% probationary period success rate and individuals who hit the ground running from day one. Ultimately, it all revolves around strategically aligning our talent strategy with the overarching business goals and mission of HIVED. 

Question: What excites you about HIVED’s future?

It’s the potential to make a transformative impact in a long-standing, traditional industry. Our vision is about driving positive environmental change which fills me with a lot of optimism, especially considering that transport accounts for about 20% of global carbon emissions globally. And most importantly to me, it’s about the journey we embark on as a team, witnessing the growth along the way of the incredible people we have here at HIVED.

Curious about joining the HIVED team? We're always hiring. See all of our open roles here. Follow along our growth journey at our Instagram @hivedhq or LinkedIn.

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