About Us

Building the First Mass-Market Zero-Emission Parcel Delivery Network


Our Mission

Parcel delivery is broken...

Parcel delivery currently relies on fossil-fuel powered vans for the very most part - they pollute the air we breathe, emit large amounts of CO₂ and congest our cities. At the same time, customer service is notoriously poor, unethical business practices are rampant and the technology is outdated. The current structure is bad for everyone and neither fit for purpose nor for future.

We are fixing it!

We started HIVED because Parcel delivery needs to be reinvented, period. We redeveloped the process of getting a parcel from the warehouse to the front door from ground-up, drawing on powerful data analysis, extensive process innovation and and cutting-edge software. We came up with a system that is better than the status quo in every way imaginable - Scalable, more affordable, better all around and 100% emission free.

Our revolutionary approach has won the support and funding of Innovate UK (the UK government's innovation agency).


Our Vision

HIVED = the parcel delivery service for the 21st century

We founded HIVED with the goal of building the first mass-market zero-emission parcel delivery network whilst providing the best experience you can imagine, at a more affordable price. Doing this means companies are able to massively reduce their carbon footprint, and customers will finally enjoy receiving their parcel.


Our Team

We’re a fast growing team united in our mission. Below you can see some members of our head office team.

Co-Founder, CEO
Co-Founder, CCO
Gemma Neal
HQ Team
Jan Gerrit
HQ Team
HQ Team
HQ Team
HQ Team

Be Part of Our Mission!

We’re looking for passionate people to join our head office team in many different roles. We value a planet-first mindset, positivity, great energy, ambition to take on a century-old industry and excellence in what you do. If this is you, we would love to meet you.

See All Available Positions

Our Investors

We are proud to backed by world leading VCs and Angel investors in climate-tech, mobility and logistics as well as the British government.

Pale Blue Dot
"Europe's premier climate investor"
Eka Ventures
"One of Europe’s leading impact-driven VC funds"
The Fund
Led by Carmen Rico, Partner at Blossom Capital
Entire Senior Leadership Team at Tier Mobility
Blue Impact Ventures
Lawrence Leuschner, Founder & CEO of TIER Mobility
Innovate UK
UK government's innovation agency
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