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Industry-leading impact, from collection to delivery

Road transport is the largest emitting sector of UK GHG emissions, responsible for 21% of emissions. With global parcel delivery expected to grow 78% by 2030, HIVED is on a mission to decarbonise parcel delivery with our 100% electric delivery fleet. Uniquely, HIVED owns both the middle and final mile, ensuring every stage of a HIVED parcel journey, from retailer collection to customer delivery, is powered by electric vehicles.

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Scaling a sustainable business by default

HIVED Electric Fleet
of carbon emissions per parcel compared to diesel.
saved on average per
parcel compared to diesel.
to decarbonise every
collection and delivery.

We’re always looking to improve

At HIVED, our sustainability journey is ever-changing, and we’re committed to improving the industry and our own business practices. Right now, electric vehicles are by far the best option available for the mass market, but they’re not without environmental impact. HIVED is working hard to support pioneering innovations that reduce this impact, like our recent trial with ENSO tyres. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we’re continually learning new ways to reduce the impact of parcel delivery.

If you have any suggestions for more sustainable alternatives, please feel free to get in touch with us at

We're always looking to improve

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