HIVED announces collaboration with ENSO for sustainable tyre trial

HIVED announces its collaboration with Earthshot Prize finalist ENSO, trialing ENSO’s sustainable tyres on HIVED’s electric vehicles over a period of three months. The trial is part of HIVED's ongoing focus on innovative solutions for clean air.

Megan McDonnell
October 18, 2023
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Clean air is a pressing issue in the fight against climate change, with air pollution recognised by the World Health Organisation and the UK Government as today’s greatest environmental health risk. Simultaneously, road traffic, a key contributor to air pollution, has only increased in light of the ecommerce boom over recent years and beyond: urban last-mile delivery demand is expected to grow by 78% by 2030, according to the World Economic Forum. 

On this issue, London-based parcel delivery network HIVED and tyre technology company ENSO have announced a trial of ENSO’s sustainable tyres on HIVED’s electric delivery vehicles, marking a collaboration between two leading innovators in the sustainable transport space. 

HIVED, founded by Murvah Iqbal and Mathias Kreiger in 2021, has been tackling clean air with their 100% electric fleet of vehicles, delivering across Greater London for major brands such as ASOS, Zara, and Karen Millen. With a mission to decarbonise parcel delivery, HIVED reduces emissions per parcel by up to 76% compared to traditional deliveries, plus offer consumers a far more reliable and modern delivery experience. 

With any vehicle, though, particulate pollution is an ongoing concern and while EVs effectively cut tailpipe emissions, tyre pollution persists; by 2050, non-exhaust emissions will constitute up to 90% of all particles emitted by road transport, according to the European Council Impact Assessment. 

The trial is starting with six vans from HIVED's 100% electric fleet and will continue over the course of 3 months. ENSO creates tyres specially designed for electric vehicles that are more sustainable and reduce harmful tyre pollution whilst simultaneously improving tyre durability and performance. ENSO is also notably one of the global finalists for the prestigious environmental award, The Earthshot Prize, founded by Prince William. 

In trials led by Transport for London, ENSO’s tires outperformed mainstream competitor products, increasing EV range by up to 10% and reducing particulate matter emissions by up to 35%. This new trial led by HIVED is the first real-world test of ENSO's latest generation of tyres and will be measured on the same metrics. 

Gemma Neal, Head of Sustainability at HIVED, shared: "ENSO's mission fits right alongside our sustainability ethos and we're excited to be working with their team on this trial. Particulate pollution has, until now, been an inevitable part of having vehicles on the road, but finding a solution to cut this pollution is crucial. This trial with ENSO is part of a wider strategy at HIVED to continually stay on the cutting edge of innovation and sustainability in transport, and we're thrilled to put it into action.''

Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, ENSO founder, added: “We’re delighted to be joining forces with HIVED, who share our goal of improving air quality in our cities. Electric vehicles are a vital solution in combating climate change and eliminating harmful exhaust pipe emissions. But all vehicles, including electric ones, run on tyres that wear down and generate air pollution. Conducting real-world trials with HIVED will further demonstrate the capability of new tyre technology from ENSO to reduce the harm caused by tyre dust, improve the air we breathe, and tackle a major source of microplastic pollution.” 

To learn more about ENSO’s tyres, head to To learn more about HIVED’s parcel delivery network, head to

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