How we’re disrupting parcel delivery and why it matters

When starting HIVED, we set out to reimagine a few key aspects of parcel delivery: the tech needed to be completely redesigned, fleets and processes needed to be better for the planet, and senders and recipients deserved a much higher quality, dependable sending experience. These pieces combined set a new standard in the delivery industry for more sustainable and modern systems, which is what HIVED is all about.

Megan McDonnell
January 26, 2023
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Building from scratch

With the rise of e-commerce and the growing demand for more efficient solutions, technology plays a crucial part in the behind-the-scenes of parcel delivery. From inventory management systems to real-time tracking and delivery automation, innovative technology has the potential to drive greater efficiency and, in turn, a reduction in costs. 

Our tech and data team is currently building systems entirely from scratch, including an in-house routing engine that we own and customise for real-world operations, a novel driver app that captures the entire driver workflow and data stack and complex data analysis to enable fair pay and ethical working conditions. 

By building complex technology in-house, we have full control over our software and can be more flexible than traditional couriers. It also means we are receptive to customer feedback and can make frequent changes. 

Sami Baguneid, Software Engineer here at HIVED, shared his approach to his team’s work: 

"Building from scratch at HIVED means pushing boundaries and creating something truly unique. It's about taking risks and using our skills and resources to turn ideas into reality. We strive to balance speed and efficiency to bring our products to market as quick as possible while also ensuring their robustness and reliability".

Sami Baguneid, Software Engineer

A more enjoyable delivery experience 

High-quality customer service is an important part of any industry, yet it remains one of logistics' biggest challenges. Unethical business practices result in millions of parcels being stolen, lost or damaged every year. With that in mind, HIVED takes great care in all aspects of our operations, and there are many ways in which we work to create a better and more enjoyable experience for everyone. 

As the delivery team is the beginning and end of our business, we want to ensure they're equipped with all the necessary resources, including uniforms, vehicles, and thorough driver training. 

During training, the team is given an overview of our delivery standards and how to handle various tricky and complex situations that can happen during a route. They're also regularly given feedback and opportunities to improve and progress at HIVED. 

At the end of the day, our drivers also receive parcels themselves, so they fundamentally understand and know the shortcomings of traditional parcel delivery.

Delivery team in action

Overall, this allows for more reliable service where we can offer same-day, next-day and two-day shipping options with a 99.7 % on-time delivery and 99.46% successful first-time delivery. All deliveries are handled with care, and when customers need help, we have a support team that replies within 5 minutes.

Solutions that care about the environment

Since the start, we've been offering emission-free deliveries using only bikes and electric vehicles. Today, we operate a default tailpipe emission-free fleet, ranging from e-bikes and mopeds to cars and vans.

Our fleet and the many types of vehicles provide a lot of advantages. Aside from reducing carbon emissions, we can continuously optimise vehicle size for different roads and create a more efficient network.

HIVED fleet

Cargo bikes can, for example, deal with narrow roads and overall need less space. They're affordable, and in congested cities, they are also significantly faster than other motorised vehicles. 

Electric vehicles are a crucial part of the solution due to the rising numbers of carbon emissions from the logistics industry. While electric vehicles are the greenest option currently available for the mass market, it's important to note that they still have an environmental impact in the production process. 

A big part of our business is transparency, and we're continually learning new ways of thinking about sustainability. As we continue to grow and expand our product side, we actively incorporate sustainable practices into everything we do.

HIVED cargo bike

You can learn more about what all of this looks like in practice by checking out our case studies. Read how we work with brands like EXALT, Nudie Jeans and Pip & Nut.

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