Year in review — a look back at HIVED 2022

As the new year approaches, it's always good to take the time to reflect — and in that spirit, we have put together a review of some of the biggest headlines from HIVED 2022. It's been a great year for us, so let's take a trip down memory lane together as we go through the highlights.

Megan McDonnell
January 5, 2023
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A lot can change in a year

In one year, we’ve…

  • grown our team of nine to 250 across HQ and drivers
  • interacting with millions of Londoners
  • seen 35% MoM revenue growth for the entire year
  • started working with some of the most amazing brands, including ASOS, Zara and hundreds of others

Some great partnerships

We also got to work on several great projects and collaborations over the year. In June, we had the opportunity to be featured in one of the episodes of the video series The Ecopreneurs! The series was created by Salesforce and Fortune to highlight people and companies committed to curtailing the climate crisis.

It was an exciting week as we had a whole film crew following us around the office and out on route. Watch the episode here.

Events all around the world

Throughout 2022, our team joined several incredible events, including IRX, DELIVER Amsterdam, autonomy Paris and the eCommerce Expo. We were also thrilled to win the Urban Logistics Award at the Supply Chain Excellence Awards, and be named Sustainable Van Operator of the Year by Logistics UK. 

Plus, our co-founders Murvah and Mathias both spoke internationally at different major conferences: Murvah headed to San Francisco to speak at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference, and Mathias was in Malmö, Sweden for The Drop.

Our amazing team

As much as things have changed, one thing has continued to stick with us: our amazing team members! Our team has nearly quadrupled in one year, and we have had a ton of fun along the way.

We officially joined TikTok this year! Watch Sports day and Which team member.

What’s next?

Looking back at where HIVED started and where it is now, we've had an incredible year with plenty of exciting stuff in the pipeline. We have some exciting news coming in 2023, so here’s to a bright future of building an emission-free parcel delivery network created for people and the planet! 

Have any questions or comments? Feel free to reach out to us at the latest updates, make sure to follow us on Twitter HIVEDhq, Instagram @hivedhq or TikTok @hivedhq.

Happy holidays from the HIVED team! 

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