Earth Day sustainability tips with the HIVED team

This Earth Day, we are celebrating all the different ways in which our team incorporates meaningful eco-friendly practices into their daily lives. Hear from the HIVED team on what that looks like for each of them.

Megan McDonnell
April 21, 2023
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This Earth Day, we are celebrating all the different ways in which our team incorporates meaningful eco-friendly practices into their daily lives. Below, hear from HIVED team members Gem, Jonathon and Romane on what that looks like for each of them, and how you can also embrace sustainable habits on a day-to-day basis.

Gem Neal, Head of Sustainability

Given your role, sustainability is clearly something you are passionate about. In your own life, what is one way in which you have made a conscious effort to incorporate more eco-friendly practices?

“I generally try to live as sustainably as possible, but my big passion is reuse. Reuse has always been a big part of my life. Where possible we try to buy things second hand, including Christmas presents! It takes a bit of extra time but it's worth it when you find what you're looking for. We also do our best to support businesses that use and encourage packaging reuse. The options used to be limited but now you can get nearly anything single packaging free, including takeaways (big shout out to Dabba Drop).”

What was the origin of your commitment to reuse?

“My dad was a big sustainable inspiration to me. He was fanatical about repairing and reuse - never wasting anything so it's always been the norm for me. It became even more important to me after my son was born. The future has to be circular, not linear, to maintain the planet as we know it for future generations.”

How can other people incorporate reuse into their daily life?

“When it comes to reusable packaging, the number of zero waste shops popping up is incredible. Just take your own packaging and fill up on all your staples. For those time-poor, reusable packaging home deliveries are on the rise — the most obvious being the growth of doorstep milk delivery! Otherwise, the rental market is really taking off and it is now possible to rent anything from steam cleaners (hello Library of Things!) to jeans (such as Nudie Jeans).”

Jonathon Grigg, Backend Engineer

What is one sustainable practice you’ve embraced day-to-day?

“One way I incorporate sustainability into my daily life is by cycling where possible, such as to work or to the shops. Not only is it an efficient way to get around, but it also helps me keep my transport costs low. Joining HIVED, it’s amazing how much of the team enjoys cycling — it’s a real core part of the company culture, and our team is often meeting up on the weekend to cycle together. ”

The exercise is great, too! How else has cycling been meaningful to you? 

“Cycling provides a great opportunity to immerse myself in the world around me. What started as a convenient means of transport now helps me to appreciate the surrounding built and natural environments. I also enjoy cycling holidays, especially as I can bring my bike with me on the train to open up more of the country. Last summer I cycled from Manchester to the west coast of Ireland, and hope to plan my next adventure soon!”

Any tips on anyone interested in getting started with cycling?

“Getting started with a bike doesn't have to be an expensive exercise! There are some great bike subscription services available for a monthly fee, not to mention shared hire bikes for individual journeys. Why not take a look at the National Cycle Network to see what traffic-free routes you could explore nearby?”

Romane Maire, Product Manager

How do you incorporate sustainable practices into your daily life?

“A few years ago I decided to start selling my old clothes on Vinted and reinvesting the money into a timeless, sustainable capsule wardrobe. This means that I wear my clothes more often and for way longer. It’s also much easier to create cool outfits on a daily basis without having to constantly renew my wardrobe, and allows me to get more creative. For me, this is the best alternative to second hand shopping.”

What was the inspiration for reselling?

“I started selling my clothes and investing in long lasting quality pieces after I moved out of my first flat. Packing my clothes made me realise how much of my wardrobe I wasn’t wearing at all! I now wear every single piece of clothing I own on a weekly basis. As a fashion lover, I believe it is one of the biggest impacts I can have in my daily routine to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.”

What suggestions can you share for others looking to simplify and extend the life of their wardrobe?

“Open your wardrobe and start selling clothes you don’t wear more than twice a month (and don’t get too attached to them!). When you’re looking for new pieces, too, take time to consider what you need to ensure you’ll end up wearing it more consistently. Lastly, if you have the means to do so, high quality pieces are a great investment — they will last years! 

At HIVED, our sustainability journey is ever-evolving as we’re continually learning new ways of thinking about our approach to the environment, both in our own lives and at the company level. Have any other suggestions and ideas for how to incorporate sustainability into your daily life? We’d love to hear from you at!

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